Cristo Books 4, 5  now available.

The small fictional village of Cristo is set in a valley in the Swiss Alps with high mountains all round. The only way into the valley is by railway or walking by the fast flowing stream. The summer is warm, with spectacular waterfalls cascading over the rocky cliffs from the melting snow and the winter is cold and snowy, ideal for skiing.

Anna and Rosa are two young cycles who live in the valley of Cristo. There are lots bicycles of all shapes and sizes in Cristo, cars and lorries, are not allowed in the valley. There is one tractor which is used by the farmer so the bicycle is the best mode of transport for everyone. Anna is a medium size cycle with a beautiful frame and shiny silver wheels. She is the older of the two bicycles and is always careful. Rosa is a smaller bicycle with a white saddle. She is always curious to know what is going on. They live in a shed next to the Post Office, and belong to Pat and Penny, the two daughters of Mr and Mrs Stamp, the Postmaster and his wife.

Bicycles in Cristo are rather special, for not only can they speak to each other but also to the children. Although adults used to know this when they were young, they don’t really believe it anymore now they are grown up.

Many of the stories are set in Cristo but some adventures mean travelling to the port or main line train to the airport. All the stories are published on Kindle and are available on their website, search for ccsuk

Each story is written using the readers own imagination as most people will relate to the characters. The pictures on this website support the stories and give the reader backgrounds in which to set their imagination. These are the images I used when writing the stories, plus a few I made up.

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