The Treasure Hunt needs team work and lots of problem solving but will the children and bicycles find the treasure?

The Cycle Race is organised annually by the cycle hire shop in Cristo. Read what happens when the race doesn't go according to plan.

Summer Holiday is the first trip to France for the family and a busy week ends with the hottest day leaving everyone in a sweat.

Book 2

Cyclesperience is a specially constructed theme park those who love cycling.

Starry Night is all about star gazing but what happens when one star won't keep still?

The Windsurfer is an adventure for the two young girls while having a day at the beach.

Crilatus, I can't tell you about this story as it spoil it. 

The Oak Tree is known as the tree of knowledge but you need to let your imagination go and close your eyes while reading this one.

The Daytrippers was the first story to be written and is the basis for the series. Bicycles and children become heroes in an event involving many of the characters that appear later.

Father Christmas and Rudolph the very Red Nosed Reindeer is all in the title, you will have to read it to find out what happened.

The Summer Fair has a special visitor this year to open the fair and judge the fancy dress competition. Contains a few words in French.

The Hole in the Roof tells the story of an old bicycle from many years ago. 

Book 4

The Visitor Train is new to Cristo and needs the help of all the children, a community project for everyone.

Pat has a Pen Pal or I suppose nowadays you would use 'Twitter', but does your friend live in another country and have you ever visited them. Contains a small amount of Spanish.

The Mountain Drive is an annual event for the farmer to bring the cows down from the summer pasture before the snow arrives. A traditional event where the children help.

Book 5

Tour, tells the story of the Stamp family visiting Yorkshire to see a big cycle race.

The Author tells my story and how the series moved on after the 'Daytrippers'. Well, not entirely, I made some of it up.

Two Bicycles In Verona is about a short holiday in Italy and what Pat and Penny get up to while their father is on a course.